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-What precautions are we taking during the pandemic?
As the pandemic has impacted our way of life for quite a long time now, all we can continue to do is actively keep ourselves and others as safe as possible. The Pastry Garden team is always staying informed on any CDC updates that should be followed. At this time (updated 9/12/22), we DO NOT require masks. We still strongly encourage you to sanitize often and social distance! We are properly cleaning all commonly touched surfaces throughout the day and have sanitizer available for use at all times. Lets stay healthy so that we can continue to provide delectable treats for you and your loved ones!

The Pastry Garden team tries the very best to be reasonable in all situations, because we know things unexpectedly happen. We first would like to state that we usually cannot make any major changes to your pre-existing order if you are asking us to do so within 3 days of your pick-up date. This is due to processing times for every order. If you have to cancel your order within 3 days of your pick-up date, we will discuss the situation and find the most reasonable solution for both parties. If you cancel your order the SAME DAY that you planned to pick up, you will not be refunded for any amount paid. This is because your custom order was already finished in its entirety, products were used and wasted, and time was wasted by many people in the bakery to make it happen. As stated, every situation is different and we will always try our best to be accommodative. In many instances, we will only give the option of a store-credit instead of a refund for last minute cancellations. We truly appreciate your understanding!

We are often asked if we deliver, especially to colleges and homes nearby. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have the staff or time to be able to do so. The only deliveries we make are for WEDDINGS and other SPECIAL EVENTS taking place at venues that we work closely with. 
We still encourage you to give us a call to discuss other options, such as getting in contact with an outside Delivery Service company to pick up and deliver your order for you.

We only have one location at this time in the Poughkeepsie Plaza off of Route 9. The exact address is 2600 South Road, Suite 5, Poughkeepsie NY 12601.
Our other popular location that many still ask us about was next to Adams Fairacre Farms in Poughkeepsie, which closed in 2017. We have had a handful of locations over the past few decades, but felt that having just one was the best way to stay organized and help the bakery become stronger in all aspects! We can happily and gratefully say that has come true - all because of the dedication received from our loyal customers and staff. Thank you!

-Do I have to come in to place an order?
No, you do not have to come in to the store to place an order! We have staff available every day of the week who are happy to place an order over the phone with you. Just give us a call at 845-473-5220 - the process is very quick and easy if you know what you'd like!
*Friendly tip: If you have a picture that you want us to use as inspiration for your custom order, this should be sent over to our email address FIRST, with all details that you would like us to know. Our email address is - you can feel free to share any of your ideas with us at any time! Early is always better!

-How can you support us?
We are beyond grateful for all of the love we've received since opening in 1984. We thank those who have supported us since the very beginning, and those who have recently discovered our bakery, showing so much interest and kindness! If you would like to show support in ways other than ordering from us, we would like to share this with you:
We are so appreciative of the little things - telling people you know about our bakery, sharing us on social media, writing a review, or voting for us when possible!
At this time (current as of 1/10/22), you can VOTE FOR US for Best Of Hudson Valley by using this link:
Vote for us under these categories: "Best Bakery" "Best Birthday Cake" "Best Dessert" "Best Cookies" 
Thank you for your endless support!

-Do we carry pre-made cakes in our storefront every day?
Yes, we absolutely do! We have two large cases that carry a wide variety of cakes that you are able to take home, any day of the week. These cakes have various fillings (so you are sure to find something you like!) and are decorated, ready to go. We will always ask if you would like a message written on a cake, free of charge, before you leave with it. 

-If I didn't place an order ahead of time but need last-minute desserts, what is my limit on purchasing products from the storefront?
We have plenty of desserts available every day in store for your last-minute needs! This includes cakes, mini cookies and pastries, cupcakes, pies, and more. We are more than happy to let you purchase what you need from our cases at any given time, but within reason. For example, if you walk in needing 12 or more cupcakes and all we have on hand is a couple more than that amount, we unfortunately cannot provide them. We want things to be fair for everyone - please try to place an order ahead of time if you need more than a few of something! Call us at any time to see what we have available and we will normally be able to set anything aside for you.

-Do we require DEPOSITS when placing orders?
We like when things are easy, and we're sure that you do too. When placing an order with us, if the total is equal to or above $50.00, we ask for you to provide us with a deposit of half of the total at that time. This can be done by using your credit/debit card over the phone, or by cash/card/check in person. In some instances, we may kindly ask for a deposit on very special orders that may not be above $50.00, in which an explanation will always be given to you for why we are asking. We would also like to state that you may completely pay for your order in full at any given time before your pick-up date, just give us a call!

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